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Welcome to Beverly Bikes!

We are on the top 20 best bike shops in Boston!


Our focus here is to provide a human friendly platform for all bicycle service. 

We sell bikes, repair bikes, and of course ride bikes. Look around, see if there is anything you like.

After you browse around for a while, give us a call if there is any-way we can be helpful to you.

Fall is a perfect time to get out on the bike and enjoy the beautiful New England colors. Check out the blog posts for some suggestions on cool places to ride.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon!

The property East of 133 Essex Street is being presented to the general public for sale. We are hoping we can help save Meadowbrook Farms as well as the adjacent land. Local conservation groups are involved in the process. The following link will lead you to a sign up sheet to receive regular email updates.

Friends of 133 Essex Street


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