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Group Rides

Here at B2 we like to share the ride with friends.

During the winter months we will be “Riding Inside”. Formal workouts happen on Monday and Thursday. Once you are in the program you can ride anytime the shop is open.

We clear the decks, put the for sale bikes downstairs, and set up trainers throughout the room. “Ride Inside” is tremendous fun and very addictive. Nothing beats endorphins, and ride inside with a group makes it a social event. Everybody rides his/her own bike so when you hit the road in the spring, it will be on a bike you have been riding all winter. We firmly believe in periodic training. This means that when we develop the programs, we will be taking into account many factors including but not limited to: age, style of riding, personal goals.

Consistency is much more important than intensity. Doing ride inside throughout the winter will make you a stronger rider in the spring. We work off the Zwift platform. This year is going to be better than ever!

What you will need- 1) A bike 2) A Trainer (we stock and recommend Cycleops) 3) HR monitor- Garmin is best.

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