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Bike Repair and Maintenance

What can we say, we like to fix bikes.

Bike Repair

We get a special feeling of satisfaction after taking an old rusty, dusty and beat up bike and transforming it back into a sweet ride. It is also a ton of fun to dial in and fine-tune a top of the line carbon race rig. Our turn around time is fast because the more people on bikes the better. Sometimes we can even fix it on the spot, depending on the repair and how busy the shop is. Bike repair is something we specialize, it is detail oriented and it is not just about performance, it is also about safety and we take that seriously.

Tune Ups:  $80 Includes:

-Complete cleaning of front and rear wheels
-Adjust cones and true both wheels
-Marking seat height
-Cleaning and polishing entire bike
-Cleaning entire rear cog set
-Cleaning front and rear brake
-Clean and adjust both derailleurs
-Clean, Lube Chain
-Adjust and fine tune both brakes
-Adjust headset
-Adjust bottom bracket
-Check for chain wear
-Check torque on all fasteners
-Set proper indexing on front / rear shifters and derailleur



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